Denmark is the easiest place for business in Europe

Denmark once again takes home European gold in Ease of Doing Business Index by World Bank. Having introduced measures to improve areas such starting a business and a number of legal procedures, Denmark has improved its offering to international business even further.

The World Bank ranked Denmark number 1 in Europe and number 4 in the world in its 2020 Ease of Doing Business Index, ranking 190 nations worldwide.

Denmark has claimed either top spot or second place among European countries ever since the Doing Business Index was released in 2005.

Best in the Nordics 

Worldwide, in 2020, Denmark ranks number four, outperforming its Nordic fellow countries; Norway (no. 9 globally), Sweden (no. 10 globally) and Finland (no. 20 globally).

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Efficiency and freedom to do business

Doing Business analyzes regulation that encourages efficiency and supports freedom to do business, by documenting changes in regulation in 12 areas of business activity in 190 economies worldwide.

“The World Bank ranking confirms that Denmark offers one of the world’s most dynamic and attractive business environments. Denmark is one of the most digital countries in the world, it has an ambitious climate agenda, it is a great place for entrepreneurs, and Copenhagen is ranked one of the best places to live and work”
- Anette Steenberg, Investment Promotion Director, Copenhagen Capacity

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Denmark makes it to top 10 in 9 business areas

  • #1 Dealing with construction permits: Denmark made dealing with construction permits cheaper by eliminating fees for building permits.
  • #1 Trading across borders (shared 1 place with 15 other countries)
  • #2 Paying taxes
  • #3 Resolving insolvency: Denmark introduced new rules on company reorganisation, which led to the elimination of the suspension of-payments regime.
  • #5 Registering property: Denmark made registering property easier by introducing electronic submission of property transfer applications at the land registry.
  • #5 Enforcing contracts: Denmark made enforcing contracts easier by introducing an online platform that allows users to file the initial complaint electronically and judges and lawyers to manage cases electronically.
  • #7 Getting electricity
  • #8 Protecting minority investors
  • #9 Getting credit
  • #12 Starting a business: Denmark made starting a business easier by introducing an online platform allowing simultaneous completion of business and tax registration.

Find the full World Bank country profile for Denmark here

Discover business opportunities in Copenhagen

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