Copenhagen is the world’s smartest city

Copenhagen wins a World Smart Cities Award for having the world’s best plan for the collection and use of big data to create a greener city and improve the quality of life.

Copenhagen won the prestigious international World Smart Cities Award in Barcelona for having the world's best plan ‘Copenhagen Connecting’ for the collection and use of data to create a greener city and to improve the quality of life and the city’s business climate.

Copenhagen Connecting uses big data from mobile phones, GPSs in buses and sensors in garbage bins and the sewage system to help Copenhagen fulfil the city’s objectives of reducing traffic congestion, air pollution and carbon emissions – without turning the city into a big building site.

“The award is testament to Copenhagen’s strong smart city competences. International companies such as Cisco and Hitachi have recently located R&D activities in Copenhagen, because the city is a great living lab for test and demonstration”, says Marianna Lubanski, Investment Promotion Director, Copenhagen Capacity.

DKK 4.4bn gain
Usually, major road work is required to improve the mobility and safety for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers. In Copenhagen, intelligent traffic management and new street lighting based on smart data offer the same effect much cheaper and without the inconvenience caused by roadworks.

In 2018, the travel time for cyclists and bus passengers will be reduced by 10%, while motorists will have unchanged travel times.

When fully implemented, Copenhagen Connecting holds economic benefits for society for DKK 4.4bn, according to the City of Copenhagen. Copenhagen Connecting has been created in collaboration with private companies such as Ramboll and knowledge institutions such as The University of Copenhagen, The University of Aalborg, The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the IT University of Copenhagen.

About the World Smart Cities Awards
The World Smart Cities Awards initiative recognises the most ambitious Smart City strategies, the most advanced projects and the most innovative initiatives around the world fostering the development of the Smart City concept.

The 2014 awards is the fourth award show. Copenhagen has been nominated twice; in 2013 it was the city's climate plan.