Copenhagen is 6th best city in Europe for women entrepreneurs

Copenhagen is the sixth best city in Europe for women entrepreneurs, according to Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index 2019. But what does it take from a city to encourage female entrepreneurs?

Access to funding, affordable living costs, high representation of women in leadership roles, and government led policies that support women entrepreneurs are among those levers which encourage and foster female entrepreneurs.

In Copenhagen, these important enablers are all high priority, making the city the sixth best in Europe for women entrepreneurs, according to Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index 2019.

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Copenhagen tech successes 

Dell has set out to benchmark and rate cities on their ability to attract and support high-potential women entrepreneurs, defined as women entrepreneurs who are scaling and growing existing businesses with the potential to break through the $1 million or more mark in annual revenue.

“Denmark is one of the most creative and innovative countries in Europe and has fostered global success companies such as Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Zendesk, Momondo, and JustEat. Copenhagen’s sizzling tech community is a hotspot for innovative entrepreneurs – and both men and woman are wanted as they approach tasks and challenges differently.”
- Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity

Important enablers

The Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index operates with five dimensions, capturing important policies that help level the playing field for women entrepreneurs:

  • Markets – operate in a fair and level market
  • Talent – find the right talent and expertise
  • Capital – equal access to financial capital
  • Culture – celebrate woman entrepreneurs
  • Technology – enable business through technology

Copenhagen companies are looking for women in tech

Women and men approach problems differently, and diversity is key when it comes to creating progress and growth.

In Greater Copenhagen, we want more women to be inspired and empowered to unleash their potential and talent, in wit and in numbers, and to take part in shaping the future of tech – and thereby the future of the world.

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