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Turkish smart-city company opens its Nordic headquarter in Greater Copenhagen

INTETRA, the Turkish innovator of intelligent transport solutions is expanding to Greater Copenhagen with help from Copenhagen Capacity. INTETRA is a market leader in Turkey and has now decided to magnify to Copenhagen to increase its scale as well as tabbing into Copenhagen’s innovative tech eco-system.

INTETRA is an engineering company offering innovative products and solutions for the mobility of vehicles and pedestrians. Since 2005, the company has specialized in research, production, and integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems and can offer turnkey solutions as well as ready to ship products for safety, efficiency, registration and payment collection on any road and in any weather condition. INTETRA’s Nordic headquarter in Greater Copenhagen will be named Scandinavian Automation Intelligence (SAI) and will participate in public tenders with local partners and develop new software and technologies in collaboration with universities and technology hubs.

Greater Copenhagen - Test market and university-industry cooperation

Denmark is known worldwide for its high-quality research and development and is valued as a leading test market for smart city solutions.

With 14 universities and 15 science parks, Greater Copenhagen offers Scandinavia’s most knowledge-rich research and business environment with top rankings for university-industry cooperation   

Exploring our options to expand into Europe, we visited a number of cities, and among them, Copenhagen felt more welcoming, and with more options for us to develop new technologies within our field of activities. For us, Denmark also has the advantage of being a natural gateway to the Nordics, as we plan to expand further from our Copenhagen hub.

- CEO Mehmet Ömerberyoglu 

BloxHub - The innovative eco-system

BLOXHUB is the Nordic hub for sustainable urbanization, which goes in line with INTETRA’s business model of providing solutions to traffic problems though intensified tech software and hardware. That is why the company has decided to establish an office at BLOXHUB, as stated by the CEO Mehmet Ömerberyoglu.

When developing new technology, meet with other companies, expand networks and just be in a buzzing business environment, BloxHub is one of the best locations to be in. We feel lucky to be introduced to BloxHub, and we benefit from the many membership options, and the great networking activities.

- CEO Mehmet Ömerberyoglu 

Goodwill ambassador as a facilitator

Copenhagen Capacity’s goodwill ambassadors serve to enhance investment processes of tabbing into Greater Copenhagen. This is evident in the FDI decision of INTETRA. Goodwill Ambassador, John Sytmen, was introduce to INTETRA by Copenhagen capacity early in the investment process. The fruitful dialogue resulted in a partnership and John Sytmen is now a business partner of INTETRA.

Our role as GWA is to promote Greater Copenhagen as a destination for leisure and an attractive location to invest. We also act as first point of contact, which is a good opportunity get-to-know the companies a bit better. I was impressed by the engineering capacity and the great flexibility of Intetra, and we discussed an entry strategy, which has turned out to become a success.

- John Sytmen, Goodwill Ambassador