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Copenhagen Attracts Foreign Workers: A Leading Destination in the Nordics

In a recent study, Denmark emerged as the top destination for foreign workers in the Nordic region, ahead of its neighbours Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The study published by Boston Consulting Group in April 2024, titled “Decoding Global Talent 2024,” highlights the country’s appeal to international talent, with Copenhagen leading the way.

Denmark’s Global Ranking

Globally, Denmark secured the 17th position in the study, showcasing its attractiveness to skilled professionals from around the world. This is an eight-place improvement since the last study was conducted in 2021. Factors such as quality of life, security, and economic opportunities contribute to Denmark’s positive image.

“It’s very impressive that Denmark takes a top position on the list. We are far from being the 17th-largest country in the world. The highest places naturally go to the English-speaking countries where most people have the language.”
Boston Consulting Group’s Managing Director and Senior Partner Andreas Malby

Copenhagen: A Magnet for Talent

The capital city, Copenhagen, plays a pivotal role in this success. Ranked 28th among cities globally, Copenhagen offers a unique blend of cultural richness, work-life balance, and career prospects. With its vibrant tech scene, green initiatives, and commitment to innovation, Copenhagen continues to attract professionals seeking a dynamic environment.

As Denmark positions itself as a hub for green transition and innovation, the influx of foreign talent is expected to grow. Copenhagen’s reputation as a vibrant, inclusive city will continue to attract professionals seeking a fulfilling career and a high quality of life.

Copenhagen Capacity’s Role

At Copenhagen Capacity, we take pride in our efforts to promote Denmark as an ideal destination for international talent. Our dedicated team works hard to showcase the country’s strengths.
“We believe that when people experience Denmark firsthand, they fall in love with its charm, the quality of life and the relaxed business culture. And our goal is to connect skilled individuals with exciting opportunities here”.
Kristin Yr Juliusdottir, Senior Marketing Manager at Copenhagen Capacity.


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