Greater Copenhagen is a trendy, vibrant and sustainable metropolis, offering high living standards, work-life balance and opportunities for the entire family.

When moving to a new country and adapting to a foreign culture, it can take time before you feel at home. We’re sure it won’t take you long to feel at ease in Greater Copenhagen.

Greater Copenhagen is a green, clean metropolis offering very high living standards and a work-life balance that makes it easy to pursue your career ambitions as well as living a fulfilling family life.

Monocle Magazine ranked Copenhagen as the most liveable city in the world in 2008, 2013 and 2014.

Greater Copenhagen is not only very liveable, it is also affordable. Long commutes are not necessary - unless, of course, you prefer to leave the city behind and enjoy the peace and quite of your garden.

Housing prices - Price to income ratio

This shows the housing prices in Copenhagen compared to a selection of other cities by the price to income ratio with Copenhagen being cheapest.Numbeo 2019

Get a taste of expat life in Denmark. Meet Princess Marie of Denmark, Ken, Kate, Aditya, Kike and Stephanie and Fabrizio and explore Denmark through their eyes.

Denmark means welfare

  • A safe environment
  • Very competitively priced childcare
  • Free access to Denmark's extensive public healthcare system, available for everyone resident in Denmark
  • Free access to the education system, including a number of international schools
  • High-standards of housing
  • A unique bicycle culture
  • Efficient public transport
  • A rich cultural life
  • Many associations and clubs where you can build a network while engaging in your favourite leisure activities
  • Plenty of green recreational areas.

Relocating is a family affair

International relocation is an adventure for the whole family. In Greater Copenhagen, a number of public and private organisations, such as Spousecare, specialise in welcoming spouses to Denmark and will help you settle in, create a network and pursue your career ambitions as well as get familiar with the Danish way of life.

Join a club or association in Denmark

A great way to meet new people in Denmark is by joining one or some of the country’s many leisure clubs and associations such as sports clubs and social clubs. Expat in Denmark is a great place to start.

Learn Danish

Most Danes speak English very well, but speaking some Danish will make it much easier to get a job as well as a social network. As an international student, employee or accompanying spouse in Denmark, you can take Danish lessons at a variety of public and private language centres.

Check out our language course partner Copenhagen Language Center that offers Danish courses at all levels online and in central Copenhagen.

Meet Kate who came to Copenhagen as an accompanying spouse with career ambitions of her own.