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Webinar: How the European Green Deal can be implemented, get the opportunity to participate in the green transition and find new partnerships.
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About the webinar

Finding the solutions to today’s climate challenges is a race, and with the new European Green Deal as well as the Greater Copenhagen Green Charter the political backing is there to create change.
If we are to achieve our ambitions, we need to act.

The European Commission has stated that they expect to spend 35% of the Horizon Europe funding on Green Deal related projects from 2021 to 2027. That is more than 30 billion euros, available for application.

In the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal project, we wish to create partnerships between the public and private sector as well as research institutions. With the help of these partnerships, our aim is to identify 8 definite challenges or innovation opportunities within the green transition.

The webinar presents four innovation forums that you can become an active part of:

Carbon neutral
Energy efficiency
Circular economy
Climate resilience

If you want to know more about the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal project, how to apply for funding from the European Union, or wish to contribute to the Green Transition, this webinar is for you.

Practical information:

When: 27th of May 2021 | 13:00 - 15:00 CET
Online on 'Go to Webinar'
The event is free of charge.

Who should participate: 

Private and public companies who wish to contribute to the green transition and find new business opportunities.
Municipalities and regions wish to contribute to partnerships and collaborations regarding the green transition.
Research institutions that can help identify innovation opportunities.





Participating Companies


Glenda Napier
Glenda Napier
Energy Cluster Denmark
Håkan Rosqvist
Håkan Rosqvist
Sustainable Business Hub Malmö
Niels Roest
Copenhagen Capacity
Tue Bak
Tue Bak
Greater Copenhagen
Rasmus Mørk
Rasmus Mørk
Greater Copenhagen EU Office
Anette Steenberg
Copenhagen Capacity
Nikolaj Lubanski
Copenhagen Capacity
Jacob Østergaard
DTU Elektro
Mattias Örtenvik
E.ON Energylösningar AB
Anne Dorthe Fethers
Anne Dorthe Fethers
Henrik Aspegren
Henrik Aspegren
Sweden Water Research
Per Arne Nilsson
Per Arne Nilsson
City of Malmö
Michael Johnsson
Skåne European Office
Bernd Biervert
Bernd Biervert
European Commission DG Research & Innovation


13.00 - 13.10 Welcome by Anette Steenberg, Director of investment promotion, Copenhagen Capacity

13.10 - 13.30 The European Green Deal and science for green transition by Bernd Biervert, Head of Unit C.5 – Ecological and Social Transitions, European Commission DG Research & Innovation

13.30 - 13.40 Impact of Greater Copenhagen Green Charter by Tue Bak, Managing director, Greater Copenhagen

13.40 - 13.55 EU funding opportunities for Greater Copenhagen Green Charter by Rasmus Mørk, Senior adviser, Greater Copenhagen EU Office and Michael Johnsson, Director, Skåne European Office

13.55 - 14.00 Break

14.00 - 14.05 Activities in the Greater Copenhagen Green Deal project by Niels Roest, Senior Project manager, Copenhagen Capacity

14.05 - 14.15 Attracting talent to facilitate the green transition by Nikolaj Lubanski, Director of Marketing & Talent, Copenhagen Capacity

14.15 - 14.25 CO2 Neutrality – shaping the future energy scape by Glenda Napier, CEO, Energy Cluster Denmark and Jacob Østergaard, Professor, Head of Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Elektro

14.25 - 14.35 Energy efficiency – Sustainable energy systems for tomorrow by Håkan Rosqvist, Managing Director, Sustainable Business Hub Malmö and Mattias Örtenvik, Head of Sustainable City Development, E.ON Energylösningar AB

14.35 - 14.45 Future value creation – the circular perspective by Anne Dorthe Fethers, Chief Project Manager, CLEAN and Finn Kjær, Head of recycling and landfill, ARGO

14.45 - 14.55 Climate adaption - Climate resilience in an urban perspective by Håkan Rosqvist, Managing Director, Sustainable Business Hub Malmö and Henrik Aspegren, CEO, Sweden Water Research and Per Arne Nilsson, Senior Advisor, City of Malmö

14.55 - 15.00 Next Steps by Anette Steenberg, Director of investment promotion, Copenhagen Capacity


Greater Copenhagen Green Deal Project

About Greater Copenhagen Green Deal

The project is a two-year effort that will contribute to developing innovative solutions for green conversion through a collaboration between companies, knowledge institutions and authorities in Greater Copenhagen. These strategic partnerships will find innovative solutions to the green transition through concrete development projects. In parallel, the project will attract foreign companies and talents to complement and support the need for the best competencies for the green transition. The project's budget is approximately 1,2M euro and will run for the next 2 years.

Behind the project is a strong Danish- Swedish partnership and from the Danish side it consists of: Copenhagen Capacity, as the project manager; two of the new Danish clusters, Energy Cluster Denmark and CLEAN, as well as Greater Copenhagen, and Greater Copenhagen EU Office. The Swedish side consists of: Invest in Skåne; Sustainable Business Hub Malmö; and the Skåne region and the Halland region.

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