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International schools are growing more popular

23 Aug 2012  -  Society and living

Enrolment in international primary schools in Denmark is increasing. According to the Confederation of Danish Industries, international schools are important in the battle for international talent, writes the Danish online newspaper

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Public initiative sends Danish enterprises to Silicon Valley

21 Aug 2012  -  ICT and high tech industries

Five Danish IT companies will get the opportunity to build a network and propagate their technology in Silicon Valley, reports

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Workshop: Create business on growth markets

20 Aug 2012  -  Copenhagen Capacity

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Tourism from emerging markets exceeds rapidly

17 Aug 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Tourism from the large growth markets, in particular China, is increasing significantly. The flight connection between Copenhagen and Shanghai that was inaugurated earlier this year is generally believed to be a very supporting factor in this development, and the full potential in terms of tourism to Denmark is far from realised, writes Politiken daily newspaper.

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Copenhagen Metro is a success in Saudi-Arabia

16 Aug 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

The Metro in Copenhagen has won several awards. Its design and construction have been exported to many parts of the world, including Saudi-Arabia, where it is very popular, writes Politiken daily newspaper.

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Femern Belt provides business opportunities

15 Aug 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

The Femern Belt connection provides unique business opportunities for the logistics and transport industry, which a small seminar arranged by Copenhagen Capacity will look into, writes Danish online media

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Copenhagen Fashion Week breaks the record – again

14 Aug 2012  -  Creative and entertainment

Copenhagen Fashion Week has done it again.

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Denmark wants to head Europe’s new smart grid

09 Aug 2012  -  Cleantech

Denmark should take a lead position in developing a new pan-European electricity grid, says the Danish government.

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Copenhagen Capacity: Denmark needs more Chinese investments

06 Aug 2012  -  Economy

In a debate contribution in Danish daily newspaper Børsen, Copenhagen Capacity's chairman of the board Peter Højland explains the importance of a Danish long-term, continuous business policy strategy. Denmark particularly needs to focus efforts on attracting Chinese investments, businesses, tourists and talent to Denmark - rather than primarily aiding initiatives to and in China.

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Never before have so many been admitted to a higher education

02 Aug 2012  -  Research & education

The path to new knowledge and improved job opportunities has been cleared for a record-high number of young Danes. This Monday, a total of 60,537 coming students received a letter, affirming that they have been admitted to a higher education, writes the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education.

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Denmark’s super-economy

31 Jul 2012  -  Economy

The three leading credit rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s Investor Service and Fitch Ratings, have all awarded the top AAA grade to the Danish economy along with the other Scandinavian countries. The ability to prepare the economy for financial fluctuations as a result of the experience of previous recessions is said to be a key reason behind Denmark’s favourable position, writes the Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper.

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Sino-Danish Network is thriving

25 Jul 2012  -  Research & education

Through the Chinese-Danish initiative, Sino-Danish Network, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is seeking to attract Chinese talent to Denmark by communicating the favourable study environments and future career paths available

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More electric cars in Danish municipal vehicle fleets

24 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

More than half of the Danish municipalities have electric vehicles on the roads, and even more electric cars are on the way, writes Danish daily newspaper Berlingske. The technology has reached a level that matches conventional cars and prices are reduced.

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Universities create billions for Danish businesses

20 Jul 2012  -  Society and living

Research programmes between the University of Copenhagen (KU) and private companies yield DKK billions in growth, writes the Berlingske daily newspaper.

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Danish wind turbines produce power as never before

18 Jul 2012  -  Cleantech

Per capita, Denmark is world-leading in producing wind power.

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Record-high number of applicants to tertiary educations

16 Jul 2012  -  Research & education

The number of applications for tertiary educations has beat all records in 2012, reports the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Higher Educations

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Nokia shut-down results in Copenhagen Innovation Harbour

15 Jul 2012  -  ICT and high tech industries

Nokia’s mass firing in April last year has resulted in 45 start-up businesses, writes Berlingske Tidende daily newspaper

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6 % increase in engineer applicants at Technical University of Denmark

13 Jul 2012  -  Research & education

When the deadline for applications to higher educations in Denmark expired on July 5, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) had received 1,690 first-priority applications for civil engineering, and BSc engineering programs from a total of 4,444 applications.

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Two Danish infrastructure projects among the world's most innovative

12 Jul 2012  -  Location and infrastructure

Two Danish infrastructure projects rank among the world's 100 most innovative of their kind; the Femern Belt and the Oresund Region. The ranking is done by independent experts in auditing and advisory firm KPMG’s report "Infrastructure 100", which selects 100 out of 1,000 nominees.

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RESEARCH2020 catalogue forms strategic basis for Danish research

10 Jul 2012  -  Economy

Five strategic research visions outline the most promising areas for future public research investments, writes the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education in a recent press release.

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