Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps

Dedicated to promoting Copenhagen globally and to attracting international investors, companies, conferences, talent and tourists.

Out of pure goodwill for the city of Copenhagen, the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps promotes the Danish capital internationally. The corps’ diverse profile consists of high-profile Danish business executives, entrepreneurs, branding experts, cultural front runners and opinion-formers, who all share a love of Copenhagen.

The corps represents a strong, valuable network with more than 80 Goodwill Ambassadors located in 30 countries committed to the city’s growth on an international scale.

“It is a pleasure to work with a group of people that have such a strong desire to put our city at the top of the world’s agenda. Their strong global network and the remarkable results they achieve for Copenhagen are priceless assets in the process of generating international growth for our capital region.”

separator Jens Kramer Mikkelsen Chairman, Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors

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