Wages & salaries

Denmark offers Northern Europe’s most competitive salary levels. Wage progression is modest and employer’s social security contribution rates are the lowest in the world.

Competitive employer costs

Employer costs are highly competitive in Greater Copenhagen. Salary levels for researchers and other highly skilled employees such as engineers and R&D team leaders are lower than in other major cities in Northern Europe such as Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

Country comparison of labour costs for a business unit manager

Labour cost for a business unit manager in Copenhagen

Country comparison of labour costs for a chemical engineer

Labour cost for a chemical engineer in Copenhagen

Fixed social contribution rate

Denmark offers the world’s lowest employer costs with employers paying less than one percent (maximum 1,350 Euro) per employee per year in social contributions.

This is owing to the fact that healthcare and social welfare benefits are financed by the Danish State and that most pension schemes in Denmark are private rather than public.

Social security cosos paied by employer