Creative industries in Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen sparks strong fashion brands, thrilling TV, film and gaming productions, simplistic design and sustainable architecture – and offers great business opportunities.

Greater Copenhagen is home to world-class creatives, incubating innovative ideas and products in high demand.

The creative industries make up 10% of Denmark's total exports, offering great opportunities for international businesses.

Key industries are design, architecture and furniture, fashion and clothing, film and TV production as well as gaming and interactive entertainment.

Film and TV

Danish TV drama and crime thriller series, such as The Killing and Borgen, are currently experiencing huge international success. Danish scriptwriters, directors and actors are often on board large international productions – and a growing number of large international film productions choose Denmark and Greater Copenhagen for shooting. For example Tom Hooper’s production, The Danish Girl, to be released by the end of 2015.

Copenhagen Film Fund

Copenhagen Film Fund

Get direct access to Denmark's film, TV and entertainment industry via the Copenhagen Film Fund.

Copenhagen Film Fund

Gaming and entertainment

The computer game, mobile application and interactive entertainment industry is bustling in Greater Copenhagen. Reflecting the global market demand, innovative creatives specialising in smart phones, tablets, apps and games have fostered international successes such as the multi-award winning computer game Hitman, Subway Surfers and Limbo.

Fashion and clothing

Greater Copenhagen is the fashion metropolis of Northern Europe, recognised for its Nordic sophistication, minimalistic fashion and high-quality garment production. Fashion and clothing is the single most lucrative creative business in Denmark with a total revenue of around 7.5 billion Euros, of which 50% derive from exports. Denmark is the world's most specialised exporter of fur commodities.


Copenhagen Fashion week

Two times a year, Copenhagen hosts Copenhagen Fashion Week, the largest fashion event in the Nordics with 1,100 exhibitors, 2,400 international collections and more than 100,000 guests. Visit Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Design and architecture

Danish design and architecture is world-famous for its distinctive tradition of elegance, high quality and functionality. Danish architects are gaining increasing international recognition for their sustainable buildings and solutions able to meet the challenges of climate change, and Danish designers are praised for their technical, digital and user-driven design skills. 

The Danish design and architecture sector, which includes icons such as Jørn Utzon and Bjarke Ingels, is a billion Euro industry with up to 98% export rates.