Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen named the world's second best politician

Capital cities around the world compete to attract business and investment to ensure growth and jobs. Recently the Capital Region of Copenhagen was awarded the title of the world’s most innovative region in terms of investment promotion. Now the Lord Mayor Frank Jensen has been named the world's second best politician at promoting investment

Attracting investment and businesses is absolutely essential for cities and regions to ensure future growth and jobs. The Capital Region therefore works hard to promote Copenhagen as an attractive place for companies and investors from around the world. This has resulted in a number of collaborations, contacts And it is precisely in Shanghai, China that Lord Mayor Frank Jensen has been named the world's second best politician when it comes to attracting investment. The award has been given by the FDI Association, a global organisation committed to strengthening regional cooperation in investment and businesses across borders.

“Denmark doesn’t naturally spring to mind when business people and companies around the world are looking for a place to invest their money or locate new businesses or subsidiaries. Lord Mayor Frank Jensen is therefore doing a great and very useful job in promoting Copenhagen and getting the Capital Region of Copenhagen on the agenda in the right places. The award is fully deserved - and indeed in itself helps to raise awareness of Copenhagen around the world”, says Claus Lønborg, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity, the official investment promotion agency of the Capital Region and Region Zealand.

This is the first time the prize has been awarded. The specific award given to Frank Jensen is in the category of 'fDi Politician of the Year 2013 ' at the 'World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment 2013 ' conference in Shanghai.

The Lord Mayor of Copenhagen was selected by a newly formed panel consisting of a number of international experts who advise companies and organisations on investment promotion on a daily basis. Top of the list came the Governor of the U.S. state of Iowa, Terry Branstad.

Cisco and IBM praise Copenhagen
The award was made in particular in recognition of Frank Jensen's work to promote Copenhagen’s visions and actions as a "green capital” and as an investment opportunity for international companies and investors. These include Copenhagen’s investment in becoming CO2 neutral by 2025 and a climate adaptation plan to ensure Copenhagen against torrential rain.

“Earlier this year, Frank Jensen visited the IBM Research Center in New York for a briefing on Smart Cities. This was the start of a fruitful collaboration on how Copenhagen can become a smarter city”, says Lars Mikkelgaard-Jensen, Managing Director of IBM Denmark.

In January 2013, Lord Mayor Frank Jensen visited the United States where he met with seven U.S. companies to discuss investment opportunities in Copenhagen, and in October he welcomed a group of international investors to a Smart City Industry Day in Copenhagen.

“The City of Copenhagen puts a lot of work into promoting the city's opportunities for companies and investors, most recently with the Smart Cities Initiative”, says Claus Holm, Cisco’s Enterprise Regional Sales Manager, and continues:

“We see a city with a vision and a goal for both citizens and businesses. A city that manages to turn technological opportunities into substantial benefits, not just for Copenhagen, but also as an inspiration to other cities around the world”.