Danish waste could become new export bonanza

The Danish waste sector is experiencing significant growth according to a new report which has mapped the waste industry for the first time. There is growth in the industry, and over half of companies expect to hire more employees over the next five years. At the same time, these companies will strengthen the international export of Danish waste expertise.

The Danish waste sector is growing. 66% of companies have experienced growth during the period 2006-2011, and 52% expect to take on more employees over the next five years. This is shown in a new analysis prepared by Copenhagen Capacity, which quantifies employment and turnover in the waste industry.
The report also shows that the waste industry could become a new Danish export bonanza.
"The Danish waste sector is doing very well. There has been growth for a number of years, and the report shows that companies now have a greater international focus as there is great demand for Danish waste solutions", says Claus Lønborg, Managing Director at Copenhagen Capacity.
The international demand for Danish waste solutions comes, for instance, from Brazil and Russia. Traditionally, small Danish waste companies have not moved into the international market. According to the report, 20% of companies in the industry today collaborate with international partners, while 52% aim to accelerate exports in the future.
The report points to biogas, incineration and the recycling of specific waste streams, such as plaster and tyres, as examples of Danish world-class core competencies.
According to Neelabh Singh, leader of the Complex Cleantech Solutions project, which is funded by The Danish Industry Foundation, Denmark is the focus of international attention because companies in the industry here have a reputation for high standards of competence and expertise - a level that appears to be increasing. Today, 40% of companies in the waste industry collaborate with knowledge institutions, while 63% expect to do so in the future.
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