Copenhagen meets with technology giants in Silicon Valley

Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster and the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen visit Silicon Valley to meet with a number of technology giants.

In November, IBM selected Copenhagen to participate in the Smarter Cities Challenge 2013. And Copenhagen is one of the world's leading cities when it comes to green and smart energy, efficient public transport, not least bicycle logistics, as well as water and wastewater management. Now, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Frank Jensen wants to further speed up the process of attracting large international technology partners to test and develop the future’s energy management and intelligent infrastructure.

"We need to develop new technologies if we are to become the world's first carbon-neutral capital city – and we need more jobs to get clear of the crisis. Copenhagen is one of the world's smartest and greenest cities, and it provides unique testing opportunities for the future’s smart city solutions. That is why I meet with a number of American companies to attract foreign investments to the capital", says the Lord Mayor.

In Silicon Valley Lord Mayor Frank Jensen, Copenhagen Capacity and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster will meet with a number of the largest companies in the U.S. with partner potential for new solutions within intelligent management of water, energy and parking.

Competing with Amsterdam and London
The agenda is to point to the opportunities in Copenhagen and to learn what makes the big technology companies tick when engaging in partnerships with the world's metropoles.

"The need for energy efficiency is huge all over the world. Home to the most advanced electricity grid in Europe, Copenhagen offers unique testing facilities, for example of the future’s smart grid. It is crucial that we market these value propositions towards potential partners much better, says Marianna Lubanski, Cluster Director at Copenhagen Capacity and CEO of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.

According to Marianna Lubanski, examples of exciting partnerships Copenhagen can follow encompass Smart Cities Amsterdam that works with IBM, Cisco and Honeywell about the future’s intelligent green city, and London's partnership with Qualcomm about wireless charging of electric vehicles.

Green test centre
One of the companies Frank Jensen will meet with is GreenWave Realty that already has established a test centre in Denmark.

"The readiness among Danish utilities to test new energy-saving technologies that engage end-users made Copenhagen a natural choice for our business. We have by now reached some of the main utilities in Europe and recently signed contracts with E.ON in UK and Fortum in Sweden", says Peter Wilmar Christensen, Co-Founder of GreenWave Reality, CFO, and Europe GM.

While overseas, the Lord Mayor, Copenhagen Capacity and Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster will also visit New York and meet with IBM to discuss the Smarter Cities Challenge 2013.