Copenhagen Capacity continues to create Danish jobs

1,368 new jobs in the Capital Region. This is one of the results achieved by Copenhagen Capacity in 2011 that is attracting investment to Copenhagen and the Capital Region. In 2012, the organization will set out to make the Capital Region even more attractive as a destination for foreign companies and talent. And there is a need for both if we are to create jobs and growth in the region.
"2011 was a significant year for Copenhagen Capacity. We made a good start in terms of our strategy, and despite a tough market, we were ahead of our targets throughout the entire year. A good 2011 has set the stage for 2012 where the aim is to further develop key clusters with international potential and bring more foreign talent to Denmark", says Claus Lønborg, Managing Director at Copenhagen Capacity.

Back in November last year, Copenhagen Capacity announced that the record results of 2010 had been surpassed. Throughout the whole of 2011 the organisation helped to create 1,368 new jobs in 32 investment cases, which is an improvement of 15.5% compared to 2010.
Talent and clusters create growth
Copenhagen Capacity’s increased endeavour within clusters and in attracting and retaining foreign talent has led to an increase in staff  numbers at the organisation and a new organisational structure. These changes are to ensure that the organisation can boost the Capital Region even more in 2012. Claus Lønborg explains:
"In a globalized world it is a fact that companies establish themselves where they can operate best. In 2011, we have therefore established and maintained a number of projects in close cooperation with municipal, regional and national stakeholders in order to make the region even more attractive as a destination for foreign companies", says Claus Lønborg.
In close collaboration with public and private players, Copenhagen Capacity obtained funding at the end of 2011 to initiate the "Copenhagen Talent Bridge" project, which aims to attract more international talent in the form of specialists and international students to businesses and educational institutions in Denmark.
"The access to strong clusters and skilled labour is a global competitive factor these days and an important asset in making the Capital Region the leading destination for foreign investment in Europe", says Claus Lønborg.
As a result of Copenhagen Capacity’s targeted efforts to bring together clusters, talent and investment promotion, the organisation was recently named as having the best investment promotion strategy by the Financial Times.
The Capital Region and Copenhagen Capacity was given an award by the Financial Times in 2011 for having the best strategy for attracting foreign investment - both among the smaller regions of Europe and among all the regions of Northern Europe. In 2010, Copenhagen Capacity received the UN award for the best investment promotion agency in terms of green investments, whilst in the same year the Financial Times voted the organisation’s business strategy the best in Northern Europe. In addition, the World Bank voted Copenhagen Capacity the world's best investment promotion agency in 2009.
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