China-efforts create 220 jobs in the greater Copenhagen area

According to a statement from Copenhagen Capacity, which is working to attract foreign investment, businesses and talent to the Capital Region and Region Zealand, a focused effort to attract Chinese investments to the greater Copenhagen area has paid off. The 'Sourcing China' efforts secured 220 new jobs in 2013.

All over the world, cities and regions are struggling to attract international investment and talent that create growth and jobs. This applies particularly to investments from China which, as the world's second largest economy, has been investing overseas at an explosive pace –but just not in Denmark. Up until now, Denmark’s efforts to attract Chinese investment have been insignificant compared to other EU countries. But this may be about to change:

"In 2013, Copenhagen Capacity began its ‘Sourcing China’ efforts to ensure that the Capital Region and Region Zealand increase their efforts to exploit the potential to attract Chinese investment, businesses, talent and tourists. We have only just begun, but our efforts have already resulted in 220 new jobs in 2013 compared to 10 in 2012", says Claus Lønborg, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity, which has just published its annual report.

After several years of focusing on helping Danish companies to enter the Chinese market, the regions are now making substantial efforts to attract Chinese investment and businesses as well.

"Attracting investment from China is an area that requires both development and persistence. We are providing assistance to companies in two ways: in developing the necessary regional initiatives to make it more attractive for Chinese investors to come here, and also putting greater resources into promoting the Capital Region and Zealand in China. Out of the 1240 direct and indirect jobs we created and maintained in 2013, 220 of them were the result of investment from China", says Claus Lønborg.

"We are pleased that, in a time when the economy is still causing problems for many companies, we are still able to maintain our high performance with 1240 direct and indirect jobs created in 2013 compared to 1374 jobs in our record year in 2012", says Claus Lønborg.

1,000 new jobs thanks to the Chinese
The objective of the special ‘Sourcing China’ efforts is partly to get four times as many Chinese tourists to visit the Capital Region, to increase the number of overnight stays from 75,000 in 2012 to 300,000 in 2020, and to triple the number of Chinese investments in the Capital Region in 2011 by 2020.

Overall, it has been estimated that the two new initiatives to promote tourism and investment will create up to 1,000 new jobs in the Capital Region by 2020.

"With 220 jobs created in 2013 alone, we are headed in the right direction. But there are many players in the game. Dublin, Hamburg, Stockholm and cities and regions across the world are also trying to attract Chinese investors and businesses", says Claus Lønborg.

The world's most innovative
When it comes to attracting Chinese investment, it is essential to stand out from the other cities and regions with the same agenda. And according to the Financial Times-owned fDi Intelligence, this is exactly what the greater Copenhagen area’s investment promotion efforts have been able to do in 2013.

"In 2013, Copenhagen Capacity was named the most innovative investment promotion agency in the world. This was partly on the basis of our efforts to identify and develop the regions’ specific strengths and promote these exclusively to foreign investors", says Claus Lønborg.