Do you want to work with the best sustainable urban innovators? In Copenhagen you can.

BLOXHUB in Copenhagen is the Nordic hub and launchpad for sustainable urban solutions. The new kid on the block, BABLE, is a smart city exchange platform open for cities, companies and experts who want to share solutions and find opportunities – and you are invited.

“In Copenhagen many local companies and research institutions work closely with the municipality to simplify urban life and solve key challenges. We would like to invite such companies who have the potential to shape the next generation of urban life in Europe to share their insights and collaborate with the BABLE community to create new solutions.”

separator- Nikita Shetty, Product Development Engineer at BABLE.

BABLE is a spin-off from Fraunhofer's Urban Governance Innovation Division, who recently partnered up with BLOXHUB in Copenhagen.

BLOXHUB in Copenhagen

Tap into the “smartest city” community

BABLE is a smart city exchange platform building on years of research experience from Fraunhofer, the biggest European applied research Institute. With BABLE, Fraunhofer is expanding its presence in Copenhagen – and you are invited.

BABLE is free to join and is open for cities, companies and experts who want to:

  • Share smart city implementation stories and make products visible to cities planning to procure similar solutions in intelligent waste logistics, electric vehicles, urban data platforms, smart lighting, building energy management systems, smart parking, and much more.
  • Find opportunities for partnerships, browse the latest smart city open tenders, and participate in discussions within the smart city community.
  • Connect with a growing community that is shaping smarter and more sustainable cities.

Currently, BABLE has around 25 of Europe's leading cities along with more than 50 innovative companies, who are working together to improve urban life – do you want join in?

Want to co-create in Copenhagen?

BLOXHUB in Copenhagen is the Nordic hub and launchpad for sustainable urbanisation solutions and a gateway to the Nordic markets for international companies.

If you need space, partners or network, join the BLOXHUB community of small and large companies, organisations and researchers – all helping to create better cities worldwide. Get connected here.

Get in touch if you want to know more

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