Copenhagen is the world’s smartest city

Copenhagen is named the world’s “smartest city” by Future Today Institute. Public-private partnerships, accessible digitized citizen data, and long-term urban planning and environmental protection are some of the reasons for the city’s top ranking.

Researching and analysing 100 cities worldwide, Future Today Institute has compiled a Smart City index in its 2019 Tech Trends report, ranking the cities best prepared for the future.

Copenhagen takes the top spot owing to its sustainable profile. For example, Copenhagen aims at becoming 100% carbon-neutral by 2025.

“This is the second year we’ve researched and generated a smart cities list, and our goal is to showcase examples of exemplary, innovative leadership around the world”

separator- Future Today Institute

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What makes a city smart?

Future Today Institute has a wide list of criteria used to rate the world’s smartest cities - and here are the highlights:

  • The use of smart grids for traffic and electricity
  • City-sponsored incentives for smart buildings
  • Accessible, digitized government data open to all
  • Anonymized citizen data that is digitized, structured and accessible
  • Dedicated high-ranking positions in government dedicated to technology and science
  • Ride sharing services
  • Public-private tech and science partnerships that benefit all income levels
  • Dedication to long-term urban planning and environmental protection
  • City initiatives to reduce waste
  • Affordable clean energy options

See the full 2019 Tech Trends Report by Future Today Institute here

Discover your opportunities in Greater Copenhagen

If you want to know more about your smart city opportunities in Copenhagen, please contact Matthew Delany, Head of Cleantech & Sustainable Urban Development, via email: or phone: 0045 41 12 28 03.