Europe's largest research organisation opens an office in Greater Copenhagen

To gain access to Copenhagen’s smart and sustainable city solutions, the German research-giant Fraunhofer will open an office at BLOXHUB in Greater Copenhagen.

Fraunhofer will within the next year open an office at BLOXHUB  in the spectacular BLOX building on Copenhagen's waterfront. Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj 

With more than 25.000 employees and an annual budget of 2,3 billion euros, Fraunhofer is the largest research organization in Europe. And one of the many questions, Fraunhofer tries to answer through its research sounds as following: 

How do we improve the cities of the future? 

In the search for this answer, Fraunhofer has fallen for Greater Copenhagen's smart and sustainable solutions. And to get access to the strong ecosystem in Copenhagen, Fraunhofer has now entered a partnership with the Danish network BLOXHUB that brings together Nordic and international players within architecture, engineering and urban development. 

We are excited to team up with BLOXHUB as the network allows us to engage with Copenhagen’s strong ecosystem of smart and sustainable solutions. With BLOXHUB, we hope to include even more cities and startups, so we can join forces to develop new innovative solutions and apply for European funding. By working together across nations and cities, we hope to fulfil our vision: To make the cities of tomorrow more livable, resilient and sustainable.

separator- Alanus Radecki, head of Urban Governance Innovation, Fraunhofer IAO

Working towards the same goal 

While Fraunhofer brings together private and public partners to ensure a sustainable development within areas such as buildings, traffic, water supply and energy; BLOXHUB was founded in 2016 by the City of Copenhagen, the Danish Ministry of Business, and the private association Realdania, as a Nordic platform for sustainable urban solutions. 

The collaboration helps cement both research and evidence-based solutions as a very important focus area in BLOXHUB. We make sure that science and industry collaborate and share knowledge, because we know that this will ultimately create better results and solutions

separator- Torben Klitgaard, hubdirector at BLOXHUB

How Copenhagen Capacity helped Fraunhofer and can help your business  

As the official organisation for investment promotion in Greater Copenhagen, Copenhagen Capacity introduced Fraunhofer to BLOXHUB. Likewise, Copenhagen Capacity can help your company identify and capitalize on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen. 

Fraunhofer is a magnet for researchers and specialists from all over the world. We are, therefore, delighted that Fraunhofer is now present in Greater Copenhagen. As part of BLOXHUB, Fraunhofer can contribute with a unique research perspective and an international network that can strengthen Greater Copenhagen’s position as the centre for smart and sustainable solutions

separator- Anette Steenberg, director of Investment Promotion at Copenhagen Capacity<


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