Denmark has the world’s best work-life balance for expats

Are you dreaming of a life with more time for your family, friends and hobbies? Then you might consider a move to Greater Copenhagen.

 Where in the world do expats (people living outside their native country) experience the best work-life balance? The world’s largest networks for expats, InterNations, has set out to answer this question. 

And their conclusion? They discovered that two factors define a great work-life balance: The number of hours spent at work and the quality of hours spent outside work. Considering this, Denmark was rated as the country in the world with the best work-life balance for expats.

With just 39,7 hours per week (versus 44,3 hours globally), expats working in Denmark have the shortest working week out of the top 10 countries with a great work-life balance.

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Quality time in Denmark 

Looking at the expats living in Denmark, InterNations discovered that 76 percent are satisfied with their work-life balance, while 82 percent are happy with their working hours. But what about the quality of time spent outside work?

National Geographic looked at this factor, when the magazine set out to discover why Denmark is often rated as the happiest country in the world. 

In their conclusion, National Geographic gave some of the credit to the Danes’ urge for self-fulfillment; an urge that shines through in the fact that 90 percent of Danes belong to an association, such as a sailing club or football club, while over 40 percent volunteer for civic groups.

At least half of Danes are thriving in the categories of financial well-being and community engagement. They also score high marks when it comes to finding purpose and meaning in daily activities

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Denmark attracts highly educated expats

InterNations stress that the great work-life balance in Denmark might be the reason why Denmark attract so many highly educated expats: 

Maybe it’s that benefit (great work-life balance) which attracts highly educated expats: close to half the respondents in Denmark (47 percent) have a master’s degree or similar. Additionally, twelve percent hold a PhD (vs. 6 percent globally), which is – together with Sweden – the highest share out of the featured top 10.

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