Denmark 2nd in improving lives in the developing world

Denmark claims the #2 spot in the Commitment to Development Index 2018, which looks at development aid beyond borders.

Aid is likely the first policy that comes to mind when considering how rich countries help development beyond their borders. But good development policy is about much more than that.

“Policymakers in rich countries need to assess all the ways their choices, from refugee policies to intellectual property rights, help or hinder developing countries,” said Masood Ahmed, President of the Center for Global Development, who has released The Commitment to Development Index (CDI). The Index ranks 27 of the world’s richest countries by how well their policies help improve lives in the developing world.

Low trade barriers and large R&D expenditures

Denmark claims the #2 spot in the 2018 Index, handing on last year’s #1 spot to Sweden.

Denmark is rewarded for low barriers to trade in services and for low income weighted tariffs as well as for the quality of its aid programme, which is among the best.

On technology, Denmark is praised for the government’s significant support for research and development, which is well above the average for CDI countries (0.9 percent of GDP in 2017, with defence R&D discounted). Also, Danish business expenditures on R&D are significant compared to peers in other CDI countries.

And when it comes to security, Denmark scores best of all the CDI countries by a considerable margin. It has ratified all international security agreements, gives very strong contributions to international peacekeeping efforts, and has historically had very low exports of arms to poor and undemocratic countries.

Read more in the Commitment to Development Index 2018

Top 10 countries

#1 Sweden
#2 Denmark
#3 Finland
#4 Germany
#5 Luxembourg
#6 Netherlands
#7 France
#8 United Kingdom
#9 Portugal
#10 Belgium

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