Copenhagen amongst Europe’s most important tech cities

Only surpassed by London and Amsterdam, Copenhagen is ranked as the most important tech city in Europe. Worldwide, Copenhagen is ranked number seven out of 22 cities at the forefront of the global tech industry.


Imagine the perfect shopping list for a tech company looking to expand. Or in fact, you don’t have to. Savills, one of the world’s largest property agents, has just compiled this list. 

Savills has made a list of 22 cities that are at the forefront of the global tech industry by ranking cities based on five categories: Business environment, tech environment, talent pool, real estate costs, and the buzz and wellness of the city. 

 Copenhagen is, in this regard, ranked as the third most important tech city in Europe. 

Copenhagen's tech start-up scene has accelerated rapidly and already given birth to a few big successes: Online takeaway giant Just Eat has its roots in a Danish basement. The city tops our ‘wellness’ ranking. The concept of ‘hygge’, the Danish way of making everyday living extraordinary, epitomises this.

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Copenhagen: An attractive city for tech talent 

What makes a city attractive to the talents of the world? This is the focus of the category “wellness and city buzz” that is topped by Copenhagen. 

Wellness’ looks at the health of the urban environment, namely pollution, quality of parks, crime, healthcare, pay equality and commute times, among other factors. Copenhagen, Stockholm, Melbourne and Amsterdam fare well as ‘healthy’ cities with low crime and pollution, quality parks and public spaces and low congestion

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Top 22 tech cities of the world

According to Savills these are the 22 cities that are at the forefront of the global tech industry: 

  1. Austin
  2. San Francisco
  3. New York
  4. London
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Toronto
  7. Copenhagen
  8. Boston
  9. Berlin
  10. Singapore
  11. Stockholm
  12. Dublin
  13. Seattle
  14. Melbourne
  15. Tel Aviv
  16. Seoul
  17. Hong Kong
  18. Tokyo
  19. Santiago
  20. Bengaluru 
  21. Buenos Aries 
  22. Cape Town

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