Artificial Intelligence can attract more international talents to your company

Do you want to hire international talents who are keen on working in Greater Copenhagen? With the use of Artificial Intelligence, Copenhagen Capacity is making it easier for the 5,000 international users of Greater Copenhagen’s career portal to discover what your company has to offer

Mike could easily be one of the talents, you’ll find in Greater Copenhagen’s career portal. Aged 33, Mike has for the last four years worked for a large it-firm in London. Mike is, however, fed up with his firm and the pace of London-life. He is ready for a change. Mike's attention is, therefore, captured when he one day stumbles upon a Facebook-add reading: “Open tech-jobs in Greater Copenhagen”. 

On a website, Mike is introduced to Scandinavia’s work-life balance and to a list of open jobs in Greater Copenhagen’s booming Tech-Industry. Unfortunately, none of the jobs matches Mike’s specific developer-skills. But Mike is hooked. He, consequently, signs up for Greater Copenhagen’s career news allowing him to keep up with future job openings. Now, Mike is just waiting for your company to suggest a job that matches his skills and dreams. 

International talent ready to join your company  

Mike is an example of an average user of Greater Copenhagen’s career portal. A talent pool where:

  • 67% of the candidates works within IT/Tech & engineering with min. 3-5 years of experience
  • Most candidates live in the EU, North and South America, and Asia.
  • All candidates have signed up to Greater Copenhagen’s career portal thus signaling a strong will to relocate and work in Greater Copenhagen. 

Artificial Intelligence can help Mike find your company 

Today, Mike receives an email – roughly once a month - that lists all the open it-jobs in Greater Copenhagen posted by the 100 companies, ranging from Novo Nordisk to Microsoft, that use the career portal to showcase their company towards international candidates. 

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Copenhagen Capacity ensures that Mike gets an immediate update every time a job matches his specific skills and desires. This is powered by Avrio AI; a company that uses AI to match a candidates' CVs to specific job descriptions and company profiles, while also automating candidate engagement. 

By ranking the match from 0-100, Avrio AI makes sure that every candidate, such as Mike gets an automatic notification every time a company matches his profile by a minimum 75 percent. In the future, Mike  will, therefore, get an update as soon as a relevant job is hot - increasing the chance he’ll choose to settle down in Greater Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen Capacity expects this to enhance the number of international talents that chose to work in Greater Copenhagen. 

About the technology

  • GoAvrio match the right candidates with the right jobs using a set of comprehensive algorithms that analyze every aspect of an individual’s candidacy. By going beyond keyword matching, GoAvrio provides a holistic, real-time view of each candidate.
  • After a candidate is matched with a company, the candidate goes through a short screening conversation with a chatbot that ensures that the candidate has the right qualifications for the job and matches the company culture. 

About Copenhagen Capacity 

  • Copenhagen Capacity is among the first organizations to match companies with candidates using Artificial Intelligence.
  • In 2017, Copenhagen Capacity helped 96 companies attract 200 highly skilled international talents; a number that is expected to increase using the newest technology within digitization.

  • Copenhagen Capacity is international praised for its digital campaigns that uses social media to brand Greater Copenhagen and partnering companies to increase visitor traffic to open jobs in Greater Copenhagen.