5 opportunities Denmark’s new energy agreement holds for your business or research

In June 2018, the Danish government signed an energy agreement with support from all parties in the Danish parliament. We'll take you through the five main opportunities this holds for your business or research.

With Denmark's new energy agreement, Denmark is a step closer to fulfill the government’s objective of transforming Denmark into a low carbon society.

Denmark has, more specifically, allocated funding for both research and energy projects. This way, Denmark hopes to reach its goals of sourcing 55 percent of its energy consumption from renewable energy by 2030 and become completely independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

Can you help Denmark reach its goals?

Here are the five main opportunities, Denmark's new energy agreement holds for you and your business: 

1) Funding for Energy and climate research 

Denmark will allocate an annual cash injection of 134 million EUR to energy and climate research. 

2) Tender for green electricity 


Denmark will allocate 564 million EUR to a tender process where different technologies such as onshore wind turbines and solar cells can compete in delivering green electricity at the lowest price. 

3) Expansion of green biogas production 

Denmark will allocate 537 million EUR to expand the production of green biogas; a share is also earmarked for organic biogas.

4) Green transportation 


Denmark will allocate 67 million EUR in 2020-2024 to enhance green mobility and transportation.

5) New offshore windfarms:

Denmark will establish three offshore wind farms, with a total of 2400 MW, by 2030.