Giant eSport event attracts IT-talent to Greater Copenhagen

When the largest eSport tournament Denmark has ever seen was held in Copenhagen on the 25th of November, Copenhagen Capacity created a special gimmick to attract international it-developers.

Watched by a local audience of 12.000 people, streamed in 12 languages and transmitted in 14 countries, the Counter-Strike tournament BLAST Pro Series reached an international audience of over 10 million viewers worldwide.

To introduce this audience to Greater Copenhagen’s vibrant tech scene, Copenhagen Capacity created a special gimmick just in the audience’s spirit.

A competition for the tech-savvy

During the event, viewers were encouraged to visit where visitors were challenged to answer fun facts about Greater Copenhagen. Or at least the tech-savvy visitors who could understand the clues written in coding-language such as C#, python and JavaScript.

Visitors flock to the site as CS: GO star tries the gimmick

The day before the BLAST Pro Series tournament , Copenhagen Capacity caught the Brazilian Counter-Strike superstar FalleN for a short interview. After trying the gimmick, FalleN re-tweeted a post with the link to which reached 1.3 million of his followers and led to 3,683 people visiting in the seconds after he re-tweeted the post. 

Open jobs in leading tech-companies

From, visitors could enter a campaign-site that introduces foreigners to life as an it-developer in Greater Copenhagen. A life characterized by short work days, favorable salaries and flat hierarchies.

Furthermore, the campaign lists 46 job-openings in leading tech-companies such as Bootz, KMD, Sybo, Unity Technologies and Massive Entertainment. Companies that are all looking for international employees with coding skills.

Visit the tech-campaign


Great results after just nine days

Just nine days after the BLAST Pro Series tournament:

  • 36,000 people visited
  • 2873 people clicked on the tech jobs made visible through the campaign
  • 54 candidates sent a job application for the open tech-jobs 

These results prove that Copenhagen Capacity can attract international talents through new and exciting channels.

“We have to be creative, if we want to attract the it-talents that the entire world is fighting for. When we collaborate with an event such as BLAST Pro Series, we can reach an international audience and show them that Greater Copenhagen is the North’s leading technology-hub. Therefore, I see great potential in working with similar events in the future”, says Louise Juhl, the marketing- and communications director of Copenhagen Capacity.