Digital Denmark put out to tender

Central parts of Denmark’s digital infrastructure for ID and signature will be renewed at the end of 2017.

One of Denmarks largest IT solutions will be put out to tender shortly, as Denmark has decided to renew its digital infrastructure for identity, signing, and user management.

More specifically, the Danish Agency for Digitisation will start renewing the digital solutions MitID and Nemlog-in (translated to MyID and Easylog-in) at the end of 2017.

The key to digital Denmark

If MitID is the key to digital Denmark, NemLog-in is the lock.

MitID is a secure login used by 4.7 million people every day to conduct online banking, receive information from public authorities, and get in contact with businesses.

Nemlog-in works like a lock offering a common log-on to various public platforms such as and (support for various aspects of life in Denmark). This way, citizens will only have to identify themselves once when seeking out information from public authorities such as details concerning their healthcare records, taxes and pay checks.

Tenders for NemLog-in and MitID

Some parts of NemLog-in and MitID will be maintained, whereas other parts will be fully or partially renewed:

Tender for NemLogin includes:

  • Establishing a new business IDP, including an associated administration portal for business entities. This will replace the existing "NemID for Business" solution.
  • Developing a new combined signing solution based on new signature standards.
  • Creating access for private service providers so they can use NemLogin as a broker for connecting to MitID.

Read more about the tender here.

Tender for MitID includes:

  • Develop personal identities that are no longer necessarily certificate-based (PKI).
  • Enable external partners to certify and provide their own client solutions with end-user authentication
  • Making sure that the core can be used by public actors, financial institutions and other private service providers, through so-called identity brokers.

Read more about the tender here.