Copenhagen is world’s 11th best city for startup employees

If you are looking for a job in a startup, you should pay attention to Copenhagen’s startup community. The Danish capital is ranked the world’s 11th most attractive city for startup employees by Startup Cities Index by Nestpick.

Over the last few decades, startups have evolved from a buzzword to a business model of choice, flocked to by younger and older professionals alike.

Nestpick has researched the best cities for those looking to work in startups, to help individuals make an educated decision on where they will have the best quality of life and keep more of their earnings.

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The 6th best startup city in Europe

Copenhagen takes the 11th position in the index, ranking the world’s most attractive cities for taking a job in a startup. Confining the scope to European cities, Copenhagen comes in 6th position.

“Certain cities may offer bigger pay checks, but after considering taxes and living expenses, the return may not be so high. Similarly, professionals should consider quality of life: will vacation days be adequate to visit home? Is healthcare as accessible as you would like it to be? We hope that our study helps those looking to work in startups identify the cities which may best suit their needs”, said Ömer Kücükdere, Managing Director of Nestpick. See the Startup Cities Index here.

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Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Zendesk, Momondo and JustEat

The study researched hundreds of locations across the world before selecting 85 of the world’s most dynamic startup cities.

The ranking is divided into 5 categories: Startup Ecosystem, Salary, Social Security & Benefits, Cost of Living, and Quality of Life.

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“Denmark is one of the most creative and innovative countries in Europe and has fostered global success companies such as Skype, Unity, Trustpilot, Zendesk, Momondo, JustEat and Vivino. Denmark is pushing a progressive digitisation agenda in the public sector and making data accessible for companies, which makes Greater Copenhagen a leading hotspot for innovative tech startups and smart city solutions”, says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

Find out more about Greater Copenhagen’s tech startup community here.

Best cities for startup employees

Singapore #1
Helsinki #2
San Francisco #3
Berlin #4
Stockholm #5
Tel Aviv #6
Zurich #7
Seoul #8
Hamburg #9
Toronto #10
Copenhagen #11