Copenhagen Fintech Week – what’s the buzz about?

Bristol-based fintech company, Moneyhub Enterprise, has just returned from Fintech Week and Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen. Chief Product Officer, Dan Scholey, is impressed by the strong, open-hearted support found in Copenhagen’s fintech community – and by the city’s biking culture.

Moneyhub Enterprise was the lucky winner of two free tickets to Europe’s largest fintech event, Money20/20 Europe, in Copenhagen on 26-28 June.

Copenhagen Capacity spoke to Chief Product Officer, Dan Scholey, about his stay in Copenhagen, which was brimming with fintechers due to Copenhagen Fintech Week, organised by Copenhagen Capacity and Copenhagen Fintech.

Well first, tell us a bit about Moneyhub?

“Moneyhub lets you put yourself at the centre of your financial universe by consolidating all your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, savings and borrowing. Seeing exactly what you have and where you’re spending it is the first step – you’ll quickly see how small changes can make big things happen, and AI driven nudges make it easy for you to save a lot of money. Enterprises can use nudges based on these insights to support customers with targeted products and services that suit their unique financial requirements, or use data the customer chooses to share to make better credit decisions.”

What were the biggest highlights of your stay in Copenhagen?

“I was really taken by the sheer size and scale of the Money20/20 event. The entire industry was there and the vibe was really positive. As part of Copenhagen Fintech Week, we participated in a great networking event –  a speed dating session for investors and enterprises – hosted by one of the largest banks in Denmark, Nordea. I was overwhelmed by how generous the Danish fintech community is with advice and support, we met several senior people who have offered advice and introductions, and we are really excited and grateful.

I also want to highlight our bicycle ride in Copenhagen, which took us by the harbour front – it’s so easy to get around, and Copenhagen is a very beautiful city. The UK doesn’t support bicycling this much, but it would be fantastic if it did.”

See more about Copenhagen Fintech Week here.

Did you take home any business?

“We’ve definitely come home with some great opportunities for sales. But what’s even more exciting, is the fantastic people we met, and the insight we received from leaders at prestigious European businesses. It is so valuable to get some outside perspective from people who know the industry, but aren’t absorbed by the product the way you are.”

What's your view on Copenhagen as a place for fintech business?

“We would love to expand into Europe, and Copenhagen is an amazing place. The city is beautiful and so accessible and there is such a positive vibe around the fintech industry. So yes, I see Copenhagen as a potential place for business for us in the future.”

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