Copenhagen Capacity on World Finance's top 100-list

Today, World Finance announced its ‘World Finance 100 leaders’. On this list, Copenhagen Capacity is included amongst giants such as Airbnb, Apple and Amazon.


Very much akin to Forbes 500, the British finance magazine World Finance makes a list every year of the 100 companies, organisations or individuals that has helped raise the standards of their respective industry. In this regard, Copenhagen Capacity has just been announced as one of World Finance 100 leaders.

In respect of Copenhagen Capacity's inclusion as "World Finance 100 Leader", World Finance's adjudication panel recognise the outstanding success of the agency in promoting the Greater Copenhagen region and attracting foreign inward investment, alongside Copenhagen Capacity's specialism in advancing the region in key sectors.

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Copenhagen Capacity: World Finance Leader 

According to World Finance, Copenhagen Capacity is rewarded for its ability to foster long term arrangements with investors and its ability to showcase Greater Copenhagen as an attractive destination.

The organisations and individuals that we celebrate as part of World Finance 100 have successfully navigated a balancing act of their own, pursuing risky new ventures while delivering stability for their customers and investors. They continually raise the standards of their respective industries and bring new opportunities to market.

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Interview with Copenhagen Capacity in World Finance

In the newest edition of World finance, the CEO of Copenhagen Capacity, Claus Lønborg, describes what makes Greater Copenhagen a uniquely qualified destination for FDI, and how Copenhagen Capacity attracts international talents, companies and investors to Greater Copenhagen.

You can read the full interview below:


Smaller participants as well as larger are recognized by World Finance 

World Finance’s judging panel boasts over 230 years of financial and business journalism, supported by a research team that works round the clock to ensure that the award winners are the most deserving in their sector.

According to World Finance, the panel has been wary to avoid the danger of bias towards criteria such as depth of practice and size of company. In order to get an insight into different geographies and niche areas, they recognise smaller market participants as well as larger firms adapting international models to unique geographies.


  • World Finance has a readership of 120,000 key decision-makers around the world; representing multinational corporations, financial institutions, fund managers, treasury Heads.
  • In November, 2017, Copenhagen Capacity won the main price, 'Place Brand Of the Year' sponsored by the New York Times, for its work promoting Greater Copenhagen.
  • See the full list of World Finance 100, 2017