Copenhagen Capacity on World Finance's top 100-list

12 Jan 2018  -  Copenhagen Capacity

Today, World Finance announced its ‘World Finance 100 leaders’. On this list, Copenhagen Capacity is included amongst giants such as Airbnb, Apple and Amazon.

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What makes Denmark the 2nd best country for talent?

19 Dec 2017  -  Talent

All over the world, nations are competing to attract, develop and retain the world’s best brains. For the sixth year in a row, Denmark takes the lead in this competition.

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Giant eSport event attracts IT-talent to Greater Copenhagen

05 Dec 2017  -  Creative and entertainment

When the largest eSport tournament Denmark has ever seen was held in Copenhagen on the 25th of November, Copenhagen Capacity created a special gimmick to attract international it-developers.

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MG Real Estate invests in Greater Copenhagen’s booming logistics sector

30 Nov 2017  -  Location and infrastructure

Greater Copenhagen’s position as a growing hotspot for logistics is further cemented as MG Real Estate invests in a state-of-the-art distribution centre in the region

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Copenhagen is the world’s smartest city

28 Nov 2017  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen is ranked the world’s “smartest city” by the startup EasyPark Group that has conducted an extensive survey of the cities most prepared for the future

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Copenhagen is named the world’s best city for families

21 Nov 2017  -  Society and living

The world’s best cities to live in as a family is ranked in the new survey ‘family Index 2017’. Copenhagen is on the top of this list due to factors such as safety, happiness and great activities for children.

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National Geographic explores Denmark’s special kind of happiness

17 Nov 2017  -  Society and living

What can other nations learn from the purpose-driven happiness in Denmark? Copenhagen hits the front page of National Geographic's November Issue ‘the search for happiness’.

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Denmark is Europe’s best country for business

01 Nov 2017  -  Society and living

For the seventh year in a row, the World Bank ranks Denmark the best country for doing business in Europe. Worldwide, Denmark takes the third place.

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Digital Denmark put out to tender

31 Oct 2017  -  ICT and high tech industries

Central parts of Denmark’s digital infrastructure for ID and signature will be renewed at the end of 2017.

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Copenhagen is best city for business in Western Europe

16 Oct 2017  -  Business conditions

Copenhagen is ranked the number one city to conduct business in among 40 Western European cities in the Explore Report 2017. Copenhagen receives praise for its excellent labour profile and quality of life.

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Nestlé has an appetite for Danish food entrepreneurs

06 Oct 2017  -  Other industries

Danish food startups are top class, the Global Innovation Director at Nestlé thinks. He is looking for partnerships with Danish entrepreneurs and startup companies.

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Copenhagen has the 2nd best reputation in the world

04 Oct 2017  -  Society and living

Copenhagen has the best reputation in Europe and the second-best reputation in the world owing to three main factors, according to Reputation Institute’s City RepTrak 2017.

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Greater Copenhagen tops European Innovation Scoreboard 2017

03 Oct 2017  -  Business conditions

Sweden and Denmark come out top and number two, respectively, in the 2017 European Innovation Scoreboard index. In Greater Copenhagen, spanning Eastern Denmark and Southern Sweden, businesses and talents get the best of both.

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Denmark 12th on Global Competitiveness Index

28 Sep 2017  -  Business conditions

Denmark is ranked 12th on the Global Competitiveness Index 2017-18 by World Economic Forum, performing in top 10 in higher education, innovation, business sophistication, labour market efficiency and macroeconomic development.

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Microsoft to develop world’s first quantum computer in Copenhagen

12 Sep 2017  -  ICT and high tech industries

Microsoft has signed a long-term collaboration agreement with the University of Copenhagen to develop the world’s first general-purpose, scalable quantum computer, providing incredible opportunities for science and technology.

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Denmark jumps 20 spots in best places for expats survey

08 Sep 2017  -  Society and living

Denmark leaps 20 places in Expat Insider 2017, rating the best expat destinations worldwide. The country is ranked top for work-life balance and healthcare.

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Copenhagen shortlisted for European Capital of Innovation Award 2017

07 Sep 2017  -  Society and living

Ten European cities using the most innovative ideas to improve quality of life and to involve citizens in community life are now shortlisted for the European Capital of Innovation Award 2017.

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Cathay Pacific opens direct route between Copenhagen and Hong Kong

05 Sep 2017  -  Location and infrastructure

In May 2018, airline operator Cathay Pacific will open a direct route from Copenhagen to the Chinese metropolis of Hong Kong, which is home to many of the most important Danish companies with commercial interests in Hong Kong.

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Greater Copenhagen is second best for high-value investments

30 Aug 2017  -  Business conditions

Greater Copenhagen is the world’s second most popular metropolitan area for placing high-value investment projects according to IBM Global Location Trends 2017 Report.

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Copenhagen is world’s 11th best city for startup employees

15 Aug 2017  -  Talent

If you are looking for a job in a startup, you should pay attention to Copenhagen’s startup community. The Danish capital is ranked the world’s 11th most attractive city for startup employees by Startup Cities Index by Nestpick.

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