New powerhouse to help Chinese companies to Copenhagen

The new Innovation House China-Denmark in Copenhagen helps Chinese companies in getting a strong foothold in Denmark and Danish companies that want to enter the Chinese market.

Innovation House China-Denmark is a Danish-Chinese cross-cultural innovation environment with office space for enterprises from both Denmark and China.

The new incubator is located in Copenhagen in the old headquarters of East Asiatic Company, just next to The Little Mermaid.

We have worked hard to create a Danish-Chinese power house that can serve as a highway for trade between China and Denmark by providing business start-up advice and services. The interest in Denmark is increasing among Chinese companies, but many companies have difficulties getting a strong foothold in Denmark because of barriers such as cultural differences and the lack of local networks and support from peers. The new innovation house should change this”, says Marianna Lubanski, Director of Investment Promotion in Copenhagen Capacity.

A soft-landing platform

The House has 36 desk spaces for companies, and affiliated advisers, lawyers and other experts are ready to assist Chinese and Danish businesses in realising their business plans.

It has been our ambition to create a soft-landing platform for Chinese enterprises, an incubator. When the companies have gained a foothold, they move out, making room for new companies”, explains Marianna Lubanski.

Stepping stone to Northern Europe

Innovation House China Denmark is a public-private initiated Ltd. founded by Copenhagen Capacity, Copenhagen Municipality, the Capital Region, Region Zeland/Growth Factories, Asia House/East Asiatic Company and three Chinese investors; Nanjing Hansong Technologies, Inhope Investment Group and Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute (JITRI).

I am convinced that the new Innovation House will make a difference for Chinese business people when they come to Copenhagen”, said Helge Kristensen, Managing Director of Hansong Technology, which he runs with his Chinese wife.

I know that a number of Chinese audio technology companies are looking towards Denmark and see Innovation House China-Denmark as an excellent gateway. With an office here, you do not only get access to the Greater Copenhagen region, you also get a stepping stone to Scandinavia and Germany”, said Kristensen.

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Danish companies to China

The desk spaces are also available for Danish companies. Nordic Technologies Ltd. is the first Danish company that has signed a contract. The company is engaged in a number of water projects in China and want to expand its business.

Water is together with food, energy, environmental safety, design, audio technology and eldercare some of the Danish stronghold areas which Chinese investors and companies as well as the country’s growing middle class are interested in.

The Danish-Chinese Business Forum, which assists small, medium and large Danish companies in gaining business in China, is therefore also moving its offices to the new Innovation House China-Denmark.

Read more about Innovation House China-Denmark here.