Hitachi builds Big Data platform for Copenhagen

Global IT firm Hitachi Consulting will build a first-of-its-kind Big Data platform for Copenhagen on which data collection, integration and sharing is centralised for the entire city.

The Copenhagen Big Data platform will be the first of its kind on which data collection, integration and sharing is centralized for an entire city.

With the target of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025, Copenhagen is already a leader in smart city programmes, winning a World Smart Cities Award in 2014. However, up to now, data from individual smart city initiatives such as smart lighting and traffic management have not been joined up. 

Public-private cooperation
Hitachi Consulting will work together with the City of Copenhagen, the Capital Region of Denmark, the Danish cluster organisation CLEAN and a consortium of alliance partners to develop the Big Data platform.

“Hitachi Consulting is proud to be embarking on this journey with such an innovative and forward looking city. We believe that the combination of public and private data in a city-wide Big Data digital infrastructure will transform urban planning and provide benefits to businesses, improve the safety, wellbeing and comfort of citizens, and enhance the efficiency of the City of Copenhagen”, says Hans Lindeman, Hitachi Consulting, Senior Vice President of Social Innovation Business.

Smart city business opportunities
The new platform will enable advanced analytics to support city functions such as energy usage, traffic management and green infrastructure planning by integrating data from multiple sources including demographics, crime statistics, sensor-based sources – such as energy consumption metres and traffic sensors – and information submitted by citizens and businesses. 

“We are very pleased with the prospects of this new Big Data platform. Copenhagen is a leader in smart city technologies, and this state-of-the-art platform will not only help Copenhagen attain its objective of becoming carbon-neutral by 2025 but also create business opportunities for Danish and international companies, investors and talent”, says Marianna Lubanski, Director for Investment Promotion, Copenhagen Capacity.

About Hitachi
The Japanese IT firm Hitachi is one of the world's largest multinational corporations and had a turnover of $93.4bn in 2013. Hitachi is headquartered in Tokyo and has more than 320,000 employees worldwide. Hitachi develops and provides innovative solutions in fields such as healthcare, infrastructure systems, IT and telecommunications, automotive systems and construction machinery.

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