Denmark tops EU-28 Smart City ranking

Denmark tops EU Member State index mapping smart cities across the EU-28.

Denmark is a European smart city leader, according to a new ranking mapping smart cities across the EU-28 by the European Parliament's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

“Smart city initiatives have a very high priority in Greater Copenhagen. The ranking is testament to Copenhagen’s strong smart city competences. International companies such as Cisco and Hitachi have recently located R&D activities in Copenhagen, because the city is a great living lab for test and demonstration”, says Marianna Lubanski, Investment Promotion Director, Copenhagen Capacity.

Denmark shares the first place with Sweden, Estonia and Slovenia who have the largest share of major cities which can be categorised as smart cities.

Around 50% of the 98 municipalities in Denmark is engaged in smart city activities, and 80% plans to increase their engagement the coming years.

Winner of World Smart City Awards 2014

In 2014, the City of Copenhagen won the international World Smart Cities Award for the Copenhagen Connecting plan.

In 2015, Copenhagen signed an agreement with the Japanese company Hitachi to establish the world’s first Big Data platform for an entire city enabling companies, the public sector and citizens to use the data volumes found in large urban environments.

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The rankings, which include 240 Smart Cities in the 28 EU countries, are based on six factors:

  • Smart Governance
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart People
  • Smart Living.

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