Denmark no. 3 in Responsible Investor Rankings

Denmark ranks no. 3 in FIDH’s responsible investor rankings, comparing EU Member States’ records regarding the respect and promotion of human rights.

Every two years, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) ranks the 28 EU Member States on the basis of 67 human rights and 17 environmental indicators in a useful guide for responsible investors and citizens.

The study finds that north-European States are monopolising the first places of the ranking, with Denmark taking the third place only surpassed by Sweden and Finland.

The recent FIDH study “EU Member States under the Spotlight” encourages investors in sovereign bond markets to invest in states respecting and promoting the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The ranking is based on criteria such as: 

  • Sexual equality and women’s rights
  • Non-discrimination
  • Rights of migrants, asylum and refugees
  • Corruption and governance
  • Social cohesion/social and economic rights
  • Judicial systems
  • Freedom of expression and right to information
  • Labour rights and working conditions
  • International justice
  • Overseas development aid/financial contributions to the UN
  • Arms control
  • Promotion of corporate responsibility
  • Protection of the environment.
See the FIDH study EU Member States under the Spotlight.