Denmark moves up FDI Confidence Index

Denmark gains three spots to take 20th in the 2015 Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index by A.T. Kearney.

Based on data from a proprietary survey administered to senior executives of the world’s leading corporations, A.T. Kearney ranks the most attractive FDI markets.

In identifying markets for FDI, executives continue to prioritize market size, followed by a variety of regulatory factors affecting the ease of doing business and the overall security environment.

Denmark is first for ease of doing business

In the 2015 Index, Denmark is up three spots to the 20th place with the following accolade:

"Notably, Denmark boasts the highest ranking in Europe in the Ease of Doing Business report. In 2014, the government unveiled its second growth plan in two years, further cutting costs for companies to encourage job creation and production."

Cleantech competences attracts Apple and Hitachi

As a leader in clean technology and life sciences, Denmark is aiming to be the first fossil-fuel-free country in 2050; it is on track for this goal, with 39 percent of its electricity needs in 2014 met with wind energy. In early 2015, Apple announced its plan to establish one of the world’s largest data centers in Denmark, a facility that will rely fully on renewable energy. Furthering Denmark’s high-tech sector, Hitachi of Japan has established a big data research laboratory.

Strong collaboration between industry and academia

Denmark’s strong biotech industry is closely connected with university research, giving it international attention and attracting investors. Santaris Pharma started off as part of a university research project and cooperated with many large pharma companies before being acquired by Switzerland’s Roche for 250 million US dollars”.

About the FDI Confidence Index

The Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index examines the overarching trends in FDI. The top 25 ranking is a forward-looking analysis of how political, economic, and regulatory changes will likely affect countries’ FDI inflows in the coming years.

The 2015 A.T. Kearney FDI Confidence Index is constructed using primary data from a proprietary survey administered to senior executives of the world’s leading corporations. Respondents include C-level executives and regional and business heads. The participating companies represent 27 countries and span all sectors. 

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