Denmark leads in European mobile health market

Denmark is the leading country in the mobile health market among 25 European nations.

The mobile health market is growing across the globe and is expected to reach USD 32 billion by 2019. Denmark is the leading nation in Europe advancing in the mobile health market, according to a survey published by market research company Research2Guidance writes mHealth Intelligence.

“New healthtech solutions such as mobile apps are crucial to overcome the challenges of the health and hospital sectors the world over, as they can lower costs and improve the convenience and quality of healthcare. The development of innovative healthtech solutions is a high priority area in Greater Copenhagen”, says Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen, Director of Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster.  

Ranks market readiness
The results are based on the 2015 mHealth App Developer Economics study, which is the largest mobile health study completed by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and Research2Guidance. Denmark was the first in mHealth adoption among 25 European nations.

The survey focuses on six elements when it comes to the market readiness of a European country:

  • eHealth adoption (e.g. patients and doctors usage of mobile and internet technology)
  • Rate of digital integration (e.g. compatible devices penetration, internet users)
  • Market potential (e.g. market size, health expenditures)
  • Efficiency and ease of developing a business (e.g. time needed to start business, taxes)
  • Developer index (e.g. most attractive countries for developers)
  • Mobile health regulations (e.g. implementation of shared EHR, data protection laws).

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