Denmark EU leader on electronic patient data

In Denmark, 91% of GPs share patient information electronically, a new international study shows. The EU-28 average is 34%.

Denmark comes first for sharing patient information electronically, among the EU-28 countries. An impressive 91% of general practitioners (GPs) in Denmark store and share patient information electronically, resulting in improved treatment, prevention and medication of patients. The EU-28 average is 34%.

The new international study is completed by Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) and Research2Guidance.

eHealth market readiness leader

Recently, another HIMMS study of IT systems and their everyday use in hospitals showed that Denmark is also the EU leader in digital opportunities for citizens and healthcare professionals.

More than 5,000 healthcare professionals and mobile app developers identified Denmark as the EU country with the highest market readiness for introducing new mobile technologies in healthcare.

“New healthtech solutions such as mobile apps are crucial to overcome the challenges of the health and hospital sectors the world over, as they can lower costs and improve the convenience and quality of healthcare. The development of innovative healthtech solutions is a high priority area in Greater Copenhagen”, says Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen, Director of Copenhagen Healthtech Cluster.  

Source: DKNyt (in Danish)