The Technical University of Denmark is the first Scandinavian university to teach IBM’s AI programme Watson

As the only university in Scandinavia, the Technical University of Denmark has been selected by IBM to offer courses in the Artificial Intelligence programme Watson.

From the spring semester 2015, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) will offer its students a new opportunity to specialise in cognitive computing with a 13 weeks course in IBM’s artificial intelligence (AI) programme Watson. The DTU is the only university in Scandinavia to teach the Watson programme, which is only offered by15 universities outside the United States.

"By putting Watson in the hands of the innovators of tomorrow, we release the creativity that is found in the academic environment in Denmark," states Anders Quitzau, head of innovation, IBM Denmark, as the reason for choosing the DTU.

Opportunities for the life sciences industry
Watson is a computer programme that can understand questions and simultaneously build huge amounts of data in a flexible manner, just like a human brain. Watson became world famous in 2011 when it won the quiz programme Jeopardy! against two American masters. Since then, IBM has widespread the utilisation of Watson for many purposes, including the diagnosis of cancer and ensuring the right customer service for e-commerce and analytics.

The technology behind Watson is cognitive computing which covers self-learning IT systems that can interact naturally with people. This is a well-established research area with a high priority at the DTU as it is highly relevant to many industries handling big data.

For example the life sciences industry that can use big data for predicting the course of illness for a patient.