Shandong Longlive opens R&D centre and European HQ in Copenhagen

Shandong Longlive Bio-technology, producer of 2nd generation bioethanol, opens its first R&D centre outside China in Copenhagen science park Scion DTU. Shandong Longlive has also chosen Copenhagen for its European headquarters, owing to Denmark’s unique zero double taxation rule.

Chinese biotech company Shandong Long Live has opened its first R&D centre outside China in the Copenhagen science park Scion DTU.

"Denmark has more than 20 years of experience in collecting, handling and using biomass for energy production. Moreover, good framework conditions and financial incentives for renewable energy companies is a priority area for the Danish government. It is important to us that companies such as Novozymes are located in the Copenhagen region, and also the bioethanol plant Inbicon is interesting for our business’", says Hongwen Li, Research Director, Shandong Long Live Bio-technology Co. Ltd.

A leader in 2nd generation bioethanol
Shandong Longlive, one of China's leading biotech companies, produces sweeteners, starch, flavour enhancers and other ingredients from corn for food production. The cob is recycled to produce 2nd generation bioethanol, which among other things is used as carbon-neutral fuel in the transport sector.

"Denmark’s ambitious climate target to phase out fossil fuels in 2050 and Copenhagen’s focus on green transport and smart city solutions make the Copenhagen region an attractive place to develop and test new solutions for tomorrow’s society. An increasing number of countries are facing challenges with pollution and a growing population, which requires action now", says Claus Lønborg, CEO, Copenhagen Capacity.

European headquarters in Copenhagen
Shandong Longlive visited Copenhagen for the first time in 2013. Copenhagen Capacity put together a visiting programme, introducing Shandong Longlive to selected companies and universities as well as to lawyers, accountants and other service providers, and potential business facilities.

Denmark’s businesses conditions impressed Shandong Longlive, who decided to place a European headquarters in Copenhagen, in addition to the new research and development centre.

"Denmark offers a unique tax rule by which foreign branches of a Danish company is generally not liable to pay tax in Denmark. Also, the Danish labour market is one of the world’s most flexible, and social security costs paid by the employer are very low. As a result, it is attractive for us to place a European headquarters in Copenhagen", says Hongwen Li.

About Shandong Long Live
Shandong Long Live Bio-technology Co. Ltd. is one of China's leading biotech companies. The company was founded in 2001 in Yucheng, China, and has 1,500 employees worldwide. Shandong Longlive holds several patents and engages in extensive research activities with a number of universities.