Denmark wins international Circular Economy Award

Denmark is no. 1 in the world to drive green transition and make effective use of resources, according to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.

The Circular Economy Awards is a new initiative created by the Forum of Young Global Leaders, recognising individuals and enterprises from commerce, civil society and academia for having made a notable contribution to driving green transition and effective use of resources, also called the circular economy.

Denmark won the category Economy Cities/Regions awarding the country’s strong government commitment and ambitious recycling and climate targets.

The Danish government has earmarked DKK 60m for the Green Conversion Fund in 2015 to promote circular economy initiatives.

Denmark without Waste
The government programme Denmark without Waste aims at transforming policies, businesses and society, the program has several initiatives in place to encourage green business models, green technology, innovation funding, better regulation, favourable waste policies, as well as improved education and training.

Independent of fossil fuels in 2025
With ambitious targets such as recycling 50 percent of all household waste by 2022 and becoming independent of fossil fuels by 2025, Denmark is hoping to set the standard amongst nations in becoming a green and resource-efficient economy. These national initiatives are supplemented by initiatives at a regional level. The city of Copenhagen plans to become the first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. In 2011, Copenhagen had already reduced CO2 emissions by 21 per cent compared to 2005. 

Nominated in several categories
The Circulars are awarded in the categories Economy Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Economy Pioneer, Digital Disruptor and Economy Cities/Regions.

The Danish company TradeShift won in the category Digital Disruptor for the development of a digital invoicing system with the ability to track materials through the whole chain of subcontractors. Other Danish nominees are Peder Holk Nielsen, CEO and President of Novozymes in the category Leadership.

The Circulars Awards is an initiative by the Forum of Young Global Leaders which is part of the World Economic Forum.

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