Denmark tops Web Index 2014-15

Denmark tops the Web Index 2014-15 by World Wide Web Foundation, ranking top on affordable access to high quality internet infrastructure, as well as investment in the education and skills citizens need to use the Web well.

The Web Index is designed and produced by the World Wide Web Foundation. It is the world’s first measure of the World Wide Web’s contribution to social, economic and political progress in countries across the world.

Denmark, along with Norway, Sweden, and Finland, have worked hard since the 1950s to create equal opportunity, for example by building excellent public education and welfare safety nets, and to avoid excess concentrations of wealth and power, for example through transparent, decentralised democratic institutions and commitment to gender equality and civil rights.

Although income inequality has been rising in recent years in the Nordic countries, it remains much lower than in most other industrialised countries. As a result, the skills, means and freedoms to benefit from new technologies are widespread, which helps to explain why Denmark and the other Scandinavian countries score highly on the political, social and economic impact of the Web.

 The Web Index top 10

  1. Denmark (100)
  2. Finland (99)
  3. Norway (97)
  4. United Kingdom(96)
  5. Sweden (95)
  6. United States (95)
  7. Iceland (94)
  8. South Korea (93)
  9. Netherlands (92)
  10. Belgium (90)

Read the Web Index 2014-15 report.