Denmark among the world’s leading soft powers

Denmark ranks no. 9 in the Soft Power Index.

Although Denmark is a small player in terms of military strength and political clout, the country is number nine in the Soft Power Index, ranking countries by the impact of their soft power in culture, diplomacy, education, governance and innovation power.

The Soft Power Index is developed by the think tank Institute for Government and the British magazine Monocle Magazine. For the fifth year in a row, the index calculates the soft influence and attractiveness of different countries based on statistics including the number of tourist visits, embassies, elite universities and the size of development aid as well as factors such as art, culture and global reputation.

Bicycles and TV series
Denmark has climbed up two places from last year's index to the 9th place in 2014/15 owing to, among other things, popular Danish TV series such as Borgen, The Killing, The Bridge and The Heirs and Copenhagen’s global brand as a bicycle-friendly city.

According to Monocle Magazine, Denmark’s soft power is highly related to the concept “Copenhagenization” which means that many cities around the world attempt to copy Copenhagen’s bicycle-friendly infrastructure thereby encouraging it citizens to ditch their cars in favour of climate-friendly pedal power.

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