Denmark 8th most talent competitive country

Denmark ranks no. 8 in the INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2014. The country is rewarded for the ease of doing business, its ability to grow talent and global knowledge skills.

In the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2014, Denmark is ranked the world’s 8th best country. The Index is produced by the international business school INSEAD.

Denmark is rewarded for its all-round achievement on the Enablers (3rd), Grow (5th) and Global Knowledge Skills (7th) pillars. Regulatory (10th), Market (6th) and Business (3rd) landscapes are all strong, while the country shows exceptional Access to growth opportunities (1st) and good Talent impact (8th).

Among others, Denmark’s strengths are:

  • Ease of hiring (1st) and redundancy (1st)
  • Ease of doing business (4th)
  • Government effectiveness (3rd)
  • Labour-employer cooperation (3rd)
  • Willingness to delegate authority (1st)
  • Voicing concern to officials (1st)
  • Innovation output (13th)
  • New product entrepreneurial activity (11th)

Denmark represents an inflection point in terms of rankings on the constituents of talent competitiveness as quantified by the GTCI. Countries ranked in the top 10 show a bias towards either the Output sub-index or the Input sub-index. Denmark is notably consistent across both the Input and Output sub-indices, ranked 10th on both.

About GTCI

GTCI covers national and organisational parameters and generates insights to inspire action. Based on feedback and analysis following the release of GTCI 2013, this year’s index includes 65 variables (up from 45 last year). It covers 93 national economies, across all groups of income and levels of development, and has (1) four pillars on the input side - Enable, Attract, Grow and Retain – focusing on actions for policymakers and business leaders, and (2) two output pillars, benchmarking national performance in Labour/Vocational and Global Knowledge skills, respectively.

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