Danes are the best non-native English speakers in the world

Denmark takes a first place in the new English Proficiency Index 2014 for non-native English speakers ahead of the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

The new English Proficiency Index 2014 survey of 750,000 adults across 63 countries ranks Denmark as the country with the highest non-native English proficiency in the world. The survey has been conducted by Education First for their fourth edition of the English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), rating the countries’ populations on their English skills.

Denmark far ahead of the average score
Denmark’s proficiency score of 69.3 puts the Danes far ahead of the EPI average score of 56.92. This not only indicates that Danes have a clear language advantage when travelling abroad, but also that foreigners visiting or moving to Denmark will have no problems communicating with the Danes in English.

The importance of language for both commercial and cultural exchange is emphasised by Nicolaj Lubanski, Director of Talent-Department, Copenhagen Capacity:

"Denmark is an old, open trade nation with a high level of professional, cultural, and economic exchange. In this exchange, language and communication play a crucial role. High English proficiency is part of the openness which enables us to give a good welcome to foreigners visiting our country."

The good become better
The survey shows a tendency among most countries that those with strong English skills continue to improve. Denmark is a clear example of this, as the country has not only jumped to the top of the EF English Proficiency Index, it has also achieved a massive improvement of 4.15 points compared to the 2013 score of 65.15.

The top countries in the survey are all located in Europe. The Netherlands lands second in this year’s survey, and Scandinavia performs very well with Sweden, Finland, and Norway rounding out the top five.

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