New long-haul routes to the US to bring Denmark DKK 61 million in extra turnover

Norwegian's two new direct routes from Copenhagen to Los Angeles and New York will benefit the Danish economy by 33,000 more American tourists annually and an additional DKK 61 million in turnover.

New air routes are Denmark's airway to growth. That is why the news about direct air routes from Copenhagen to Los Angeles and JFK Airport in New York is extremely good news for Denmark.

"According to our calculations, Norwegian's new routes to Los Angeles and New York will result in approximately 33,000 more inbound tourists from the United States and thus an increased tourism turnover in Denmark of DKK 61 million annually. This shows how important it is to support the development of air routes to and from Denmark," says Lars Bernhard Jørgensen, CEO of Wonderful Copenhagen, which houses Copenhagen Connected.

Routes strengthen CPH hub
At Copenhagen Airport, CEO Thomas Woldbye calls the new long-haul routes a clear strengthening of Copenhagen's position as Northern Europe's main transport hub. Copenhagen Airport's analysis shows that in 2012 more than 160,000 passengers travelled from Copenhagen via another airport to Los Angeles and JFK.

"In fact, Los Angeles and JFK in New York are the two largest unserviced routes from Copenhagen and thus potentially also the routes that could create the most revenue. So Norwegian has made a wise choice," says Thomas Woldbye.