New Danish House of Green will showcase sustainable solutions

Denmark’s first interactive visitor and exhibition centre for green solutions, the House of Green, is now open to the public. It was inaugurated on 5th September 2013 by H.R.H. Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, the Minister for Climate, Energy and Buildings, Martin Lidegaard, and the Minister for the Environment, Ida Auken.

The new House of Green is a unique visitor center and exhibition space with meeting facilities and a showroom where Danish businesses, trade organizations and public institutions can welcome international commercial and political decision-makers and introduce them to the potentials of the many green technologies in which Denmark is a world leader. At the same time, it demonstrates that Denmark as a nation has both the ambition and willpower to lead the way towards a green transition.

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, the House of Green provides an outstanding platform for telling the Danish success story in energy, resource efficiency and water. The exhibition centre provides its audience with an insight into Danish solutions through presentation films, iPads and a large interactive physical installation of the Danish energy system.

14 international delegations booked in September 
The House of Green will help strengthen the competitiveness of Danish business by acting as a first stop for international delegations that visit Denmark. Visitors are able to explore Danish solutions and competences before they venture out on a live tour to witness first-hand how the solutions work in real life.

There is already great interest in the House of Green. In September alone, corporate and political decision-makers from 14 countries have already booked a visit, including delegations from Japan, Mexico and Lithuania.

The House of Green provides its services free of charge thanks to a DKK 15 million grant from the Danish Industry Foundation and will be run by State of Green on a day-to-day basis.

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