Mongolia wants Danish energy solutions

Large parts of Mongolia's energy sector are out-dated and cannot supply sufficient heat or electricity to the population. The Mongolian government is now looking at Danish energy solutions to help the country.

Mongolia's Deputy Energy Minister, Dorjpurev Dulamsuren, recently visited Denmark together with a delegation from the country's Department of Energy to look at Danish energy solutions that can be implemented in the out-dated energy sector.

Mongolia is already cooperating with several Danish district heating companies which during the past 20 years have helped the Mongols repair and build their district heating system. And the Deputy Minister refers to Danish energy technology as 'some of the most efficient'.

Large mutual interest
The Danish district heating sector welcomes the Mongolian governmental interest and reports a high level of mutual interest. At ABB, which provides district heating package solutions worldwide, Sales Director Martin Petersen states that the firm, in cooperation with Danish subcontractors, takes part in two projects in Mongolia with a total value of over DKK 150 million.

And even though the construction work will take place in Mongolia, the district heating projects will impact the Danish economy positively.

"Much of what is being produced for the district heating industry, for example pumps, is actually produced in Denmark," says Martin Petersen, who believes that it will create growth and new jobs in Denmark if the agreements with Mongolia fall into place.

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