International communications agency moves from Sweden to Denmark

EHRENBERG Kommunikation moved their Nordic Headquarter from Malmö to Copenhagen to get easier access to skilled labour and benefit from a greater market potential in Denmark.

The Nordic headquarters of EHRENBERG Kommunikation has been based in Malmö in Southern Sweden since 2001, but now the PR and communications agency has decided to cross the water and locate the Nordic HQ in Copenhagen.

The Danish market provides great growth prospects for EHRENBERG Kommunikation; an agency specialised in communication and lobbying services to businesses within tourism, transport and lifestyle. Next to better business opportunities, the availability of skilled employees was a key reason for moving the Nordic headquarters to the Danish capital.

Location assistance by Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark
Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Denmark have assisted EHRENBERG Kommunikation in the process with analyses of the cost structure in Denmark compared to Sweden, insight in the Danish labour market regulations and access to relevant network partners. Allan Sørensen, Executive Vice President for EHRENBERG Kommunikation says:

- At EHRENBERG Kommunikation we have specialized in helping customers gain a strong foothold in the South Baltic area via our specialized services within Public Relations & Public Affairs. In this regard, it has been very interesting being on the other side of the table and receiving intelligence and input on how to establish the business from a legal and operational point of view.

- Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity have been valuable partners for EHRENBERG. Providing contact information on suitable lawyers, accountants, estate agents and giving general support. We expect to have 12 employees within the first year in Denmark. EHRENBERG appreciate the work from both partners and look forward to continuing the collaboration with Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity.

About EHRENBERG Kommunikation:
EHRENBERG Kommunikation is an international communications agency founded in 1993 with own offic¬es in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. They are specialised in cross-border PR, communication and public affairs within tourism, transport and lifestyle. The company has about 25 employees and 10 of these have been located in the previous Nordic HQ in Malmö.