Green light for European School in 2014

On Friday, the City of Copenhagen announced that financing for the construction of the new school has been approved. This means that the European School will be open for its first pupils after next year’s summer holiday, writes the Berlingske newspaper.

The school is highly recognized internationally and is immensely important for the development of Copenhagen, says Lord Mayor Frank Jensen (S).

"The school has tremendous market value for Copenhagen. A European School in Copenhagen will be a significant contributing factor for companies in attracting and retaining highly skilled foreign workers. We know that international schools are an important competitive factor when companies are persuading foreign employees to move to Denmark. They must be able to say that we have schooling which the family is already familiar with and which they will be able to continue with in another country," says Frank Jensen. 

Denmark is eligible for a European School because the EU's environmental agency is located in Copenhagen. The children of EU employees have priority for places at the school, which will be free. 

"This means that it's not only the top level directors who can get their children into an international school, where the fees are often very high. International knowledge workers at the start of their careers will now also have the opportunity," says Frank Jensen. 

In 2009, a survey by the Confederation of Danish Industries showed that 55 per cent of the largest international companies in Denmark had experienced problems getting schooling for the children of foreign workers. A few years before, an estimate from the City of Copenhagen revealed that the metropolitan area was short of 2,000 international school places.