Foreign talents want to stay in Denmark

Talented foreign students are worth millions for Denmark if they stay in the country. And in a new study, half of the international students who recently arrived say that they plan to do so. 150 of the young talents have just said yes to promote Denmark with a series of professionally produced commercials which have just been completed.

Calculations made by the DREAM group for the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education show that international talents are worth millions for Denmark. By retaining 1,000 international Master degree’s students in Denmark each year, the public budgets are improved with between DKK 360 and 790 million.

And there are indications that it is not unrealistic to fulfill that potential. In a new study, as many as 49 per cent of the 228 international respondents replied that they even now when they have just arrived in Denmark are planning to stay after graduation, while eight out of ten are planning to get a student job. And four out of five students who are doing a full study here in the country are planning to stay here:

- The international students we can attract to this country are of immense importance, which is also the reason why we work very targeted on both attracting more and getting them to stay. More than 40 of our youth ambassadors are creating international growth in Danish companies through student jobs and full employment after graduation says Morten King-Grubert from Copenhagen Capacity, which is leading the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps - a network of 350 selected foreign students who voluntarily promote Denmark in their home countries as a place to work and study.

Global vision
- There is great demand for these talented young people, and we need to do something special in order to draw their attention to the opportunities in Denmark. If we fail to do so, we will lose the competition of attracting and retaining them, says Morten King-Grubert.

- Denmark needs international talents who contribute to the development of innovative companies with a global outlook. International students bring new knowledge, new ways of viewing the tasks and knowledge of other cultures. For that reason, it is important that we open the doors and make a serious effort to attract young people to Denmark. The youth ambassadors are doing a good and important job and I support that, says Higher Education Minister Morten Østergaard.

Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps was founded by Copenhagen Capacity in collaboration with the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Wonderful Copenhagen. Aalborg University, Aarhus University, Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen and DTU are project partners. Since 2012, the initiative has appointed 350 youth ambassadors, and of these, more than 40 are currently employed in Danish companies as student workers or full time after graduation. Financial support comes from the Copenhagen Industries Employers, Karl Pedersen and Wife’s Industrial Fund as well as the Fund for the Promotion of Denmark.